Paperless Tickets Applied to Railways in Southwest China

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  Since December 5, 57 HSR stations under the management of China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. such as Guiyang-Guangzhou HSR, Xi’an-Chengdu HSR, Chengdu-Guiyang HSR, Shanghai-Kunming HSR and Chongqing-Guiyang HSR have implemented E-ticket service on a pilot basis, further expanding the application of paperless HSR tickets in southwest China. In July this year, 13 stations along Chengdu-Chongqing HSR have implemented E-ticket service.

  In view of the changes in ticketing organization, China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. has clearly specified the services of Internet ticketing, discount tickets, ticketing revenue settlement and data interface, etc., and has provided relevant stations and trains with operating specifications and standards for E-tickets under different scenarios. It has updated the station E-ticket logo and broadcast contents in stations and trains, and explained and publicized the use of E-tickets through local news media, “Weibo and Wechat” platforms of stations & trains, station announcements and other channels. It has instructed relevant stations to send more personnel to the self-service ticket purchasing area and ticket check-in area to provide guidance, ensuring smooth ticketing and boarding of passengers.

  Within 15 days after the start of the E-ticket pilot, China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. will send resident technicians and maintenance personnel to stations to ensure that failure can be quickly and effectively dealt with.

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