High Speed Railways in Shandong Realize Full Coverage of E-tickets

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  At 00:00 on December 10, China Railway Ji'nan Group Co., Ltd. officially launched E-tickets in HSR stations under its management along the Ji'nan-Qingdao HSR, Qingdao-Ji'nan Passenger Dedicated Line and Shijiazhuang-Ji'nan HSR. Prior to this, it successively implemented E-tickets in HSR stations along the Qingdao-Rongcheng Intercity Railway, Beijing-Shanghai HSR, Qingdao-Yancheng Railway and Rizhao-Qufu Section of Rizhao-Lankao HSR. So far, the seven HSR lines and 50 HSR stations under the management of China Railway Ji'nan Group Co., Ltd. have all entered the era of e-tickets.

  China Railway Ji'nan Group Co., Ltd. actively responded to the nation’s call for environmental protection and realized the application of electronic ticketing system to all HSR stations within its management, making it more convenient for passengers to travel. “HSR is a famous national brand of China and is becoming more and more intelligent. The implementation of E-ticket is a vivid practice by the railway sector in carrying out the tenet of ‘People's Railway Serves the People’ and can improve passengers’ travel experience”, said an official from the relevant department of China Railway Ji'nan Group Co., Ltd.

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