E-Ticket Piloted at 7 Stations on Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway

?Published:2019-12-24 ?【字体:??

  In order to further improve the quality of passenger service and facilitate the travel of passengers, starting from December 10, the E-ticket service will be implemented on a pilot basis at seven stations along the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, namely, Beijing South Station, Tianjin Station, Tianjin West Station, Wuqing Station, Tanggu Station, Binhai Station and Junliangcheng North Station.

  It is reported that this is the third pilot railway line selected by China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd. under its management following the Beijing South - Dezhou East Section of Beijing-Shanghai HSR and the Beijing West - Daxing Airport Section of Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway.

  After the pilot application of E-ticket, the processes of buying tickets, entering the station for riding, refunding and changing tickets will all be changed. Passengers can get relevant information in a timely manner through various channels. Passengers who buy tickets through 12306 website (including the mobile App) can print or download the ticket information sheet (not to be used as a travel voucher) by themselves. Passengers should take their seats according to the carriage number and seat number as per the ticket information. When the train staff inspects the tickets, they should show the original valid identity documents used in the ticket purchase.

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