Fuxing EMU Train Arrives in Karamay

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  At 11: 52 on December 9, after 2 hours and 42 minutes of operation from Urumqi, a power-concentrated Fuxing EMU train with a speed of 160km/h first arrived in Karamay, a famous oil city. China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. now operates Fuxing EMU trains in 14 counties and cities in Xinjiang. More Xinjiang people can enjoy the service of Fuxing EMU train.

  Karamay, located in the northwest of Junggar Basin, is a city named after petroleum. The oil and gas resources in Karamay are abundant, and Karamay is the transliteration of Uighur "black oil".

  On May 30 this year, Karamay-Tacheng Railway was put into operation, bringing an increase in passenger transport of Karamay Station. To let more passengers benefit from railway development, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. has implemented the electrification and speed-up in Kuitun-Karamay Section of Kuitun-Beitun Railway this year, providing a guarantee for the Fuxing EMU train to enter Karamay.

  From December 10, China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. began to operate four pairs of Fuxing EMU trains daily between Urumqi and Karamay. The shortest travel time for the whole journey is only 2 hours and 33 minutes, which is 54 minutes shorter than that for conventional passenger trains. Karamay is integrated into the 2.5-hour rapid railway traffic economic circle with Urumqi as the center in Xinjiang railway network.

  After the Fuxing EMU train was put into operation, the receiving-departure passenger trains in Karamay Station will reach 19 trains per day.

  Zou Yongjun, Deputy Director of Karamay Municipal Transportation Bureau, said that "the operation of Fuxing EMU train in Karamay, the famous oil city, can better promote cultural exchanges in northern Xinjiang, facilitate the travel of people in Karamay and drive local economic development."

  This year, 20 Fuxing EMU trains allocated to China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. have all been put into operation. Fuxing EMU trains have covered most counties and cities along the railways in northern Xinjiang and Korla City in southern Xinjiang, bringing convenience to passengers' travel.

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