Train Tickets for 2020 Spring Festival Transport on Sale from December 12

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  The railway transport for 2020 Spring Festival will begin on January 10 next year. On December 12 this year, train tickets for 2020 Spring Festival Transport were put on sale. In order to guarantee the transportation in Spring Festival Transport, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the people-centered development concept, makes full use of the latest achievements in railway construction & development and scientific & technological innovation, makes various preparations in advance, scientifically coordinates the transportation capacity, and arranges the transportation capacity to reach a new high over the years. It has optimized various ticketing services, continuously improved the ticketing experience for passengers, and striven to enhance the sense of gain and happiness of passengers during the Spring Festival.

  The railway transport for 2020 Spring Festival starts on January 10 and ends on February 18, with a total of 40 days, including 15 days before and 25 days after the festival. The national railways are expected to dispatch 440 million passengers in that period, an increase of 32.57 million (8.0%) year-on-year, with an average of 11 million per day. Characterized by the high overlapping of students, migrant workers and family visitors, the passenger flow before the festival is relatively concentrated, while the passenger flow after the festival is relatively moderate. The railway sector will arrange 5,275 pairs of passenger trains per day before the festival, with a transportation capacity of 10.1 million passengers. After the festival, it will arrange 5,410 pairs of passenger trains daily, with a transportation capacity of 10.43 million passengers.

  In order to facilitate people's travel, the railway sector has continuously innovated the ticketing organization mode, continuously improved the ticketing experience of passengers, further upgraded the railway 12306 ticketing system, and increased the daily stable ticketing capacity of the system from 15 million to 20 million. It has expanded the application scope of e-tickets for existing HSR trunk lines and intercity railways, and implemented e-tickets in new HSRs when they are put into operation, so as to realize the basic coverage of e-tickets on HSR lines throughout the country and make it more convenient and fast for passengers in ticket purchasing/pick-up, ticket checking and boarding. The candidate ticketing service will be extended from partial passenger trains to all passenger trains to provide better ticketing experience for passengers.

  In order to meet the diversified travel needs of the passengers, the railway sector has opened 81 pairs of public-welfare "slow trains", increased investment in improving station service equipment and facilities, implemented a special action to reach the standard and raise quality of ordinary speed stations and trains, and coordinated to arrange trains in non-passenger-concentrated directions, thus providing convenience for people in old revolutionary base areas, poverty-stricken areas and remote mountainous areas to travel in Spring Festival Transport.

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