Paperless Ticket Implemented on High Speed Railways in Liaoning and Jilin

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  On December 10, in order to further facilitate the travel of passengers, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. implemented e-ticket service at 42 stations along the Harbin-Dalian HSR, Shenyang-Dandong HSR and Dandong-Dalian Railway.

  This service is to separate the roles of paper tickets as passenger transport contract, boarding pass and reimbursement voucher; according to the relevant legal provisions, the electronic data is used as the voucher of railway passenger transport contract to promote the paperless and diversified boarding passes and the electronic reimbursement vouchers. After the implementation of e-ticket, passengers will enjoy faster service in ticket purchasing, ticket checking and boarding.

  Passengers who have purchased tickets on-line can print and download ticket information sheets by themselves through 12306 website, or print them directly at the station ticketing window and ticket vending machines where e-tickets are available. When entering the station and checking tickets, passengers can use their valid ID cards for boarding through self-verification and ticket checking, or go to the manual real-name ticket checking and verification port, where the staff can scan the QR codes on their ticket information sheet, or enter the passengers' ID number for verification, and then they can enter the station for boarding.

  Passengers who have successfully completed identity verification through facial recognition on 12306 mobile phone APP can directly use the dynamic QR code generated by mobile phone APP for station entrance/exit ticket checking through self-service ticket checking gates

  Next, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. will implement e-ticket service for Changchun-Hunchun HSR, Xinmin-Tongliao HSR, Beijing-Harbin HSR (Chengde-Shenyang Section), Panjin-Yingkou HSR and Changchun-Baicheng-Ulanhot Railway according to actual conditions.

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