Paperless Tickets Piloted in 37 HSR Stations in Heilongjiang

?Published:2019-12-05 ?【字体:??

  In order to further improve the travel experience of passengers and promote paperless and electronic boarding passes, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. piloted the e-ticket service in 12 EMU stopping stations on Harbin-Kiamusze Railway under its management from November 25.

  On November 30, stations on the EMU operating railways such as Harbin-Dalian HSR (Shuangcheng North Station), Harbin-Tsitsihar HSR and Mudanjiang-Suifenhe Railway will also be piloted with the e-ticket service. So far, all 37 HSR stations in Heilongjiang will be piloted with paperless ticket, and passengers no longer need to pick up tickets when taking trains in these stations.

  Since the pilot application of e-ticket on the Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR on October 30, it is more convenient for passengers to travel without picking up tickets. Nowadays, when passengers purchase the EMU tickets between HSR stations available with e-ticket service, instead of paper tickets, the railway sector will use the electronic data as the voucher for passengers' railway transportation contract. Passengers can complete the ticket checking and station entrance/exit by the original valid ID cards used when purchasing tickets or the QR code generated in the 12306 website.

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